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Past Exhibitions

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Franck de las Mercedes

September - December 2019

Franck de las Mercedes is an artist living and working in Washington Heights, New York City. Franck's experience as a child in war-torn Nicaragua, the visual clash of his New York backdrop and an interest abstract expressionism. played a major role in de las Mercedes becoming a visual artist. With a self-obtained education at the Mid-Manhattan Public Library, Franck’s work integrates aspects of photography, drawing, journal entries and text art, in frenetic paintings with energetic abstractions bursting with color. In 2006, de las Mercedes achieved international acclaim with his conceptual art project “The Priority Boxes" or Peace Boxes; an ongoing public project conceived as a way to promote peace and bring contemporary art to a broader audience.

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Maureen Meehan

August - September 2019

Nature warns us: reuse, repurpose, recycle.

So we reconsider: What is enough? What do we really need? What is already here?

The paintings in this show are my remnants, the pieces that were left behind.

It was living with them, reconsidering them that I began to see them rather than what they lacked.

What they carry I offer here as a healing.
I do not recycle these remnants.
These remnants recycle me.

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Chelsea Best

August 2019

Chelsea explores the connection between nature and art in her pour paintings and large scale acrylic and mixed media pieces. Using her background as a dancer, performer and yoga instructor Best's compositions involve movement, harmony and color theory.

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Jordan Dyniewski 

June - July 2019

As long as Dyniewski can remember, he has sought out adventure. With his sense of curiosity as a guide, he seeks to live outside of his comfort zone, exploring new places and visually capturing the stories which he experiences. His sometimes-wandering approach to the journey has lead to exciting spots and unexpected discoveries.

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Ben Cowan

April - June 2019

Ben Cowan's paintings feature familiar Brooklyn sights cropped, collaged and simplified in order to capture a concentrated experience that refers to the interpersonal and supernatural. Wrought iron gates and architecture are the background to every glance of Brooklyn’s surroundings. By pairing the open invitation of domestic architecture and firm boundaries of decorative gates, the paintings deliver a sense of promise and denial. A deep space is implied but the depth is fragile. Color, sensuous surface, and familiar foliage entice; but, still a longing remains.

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Susan Ziegler

January - March 2019

Susan Ziegler is interested in exploring the intersection of the natural world and urban experience. Her work begins with unexpected meetings and collisions of nature and architectural elements in the city and landscape. The city seems to grow, change and take on a kind of animated life of it’s own while living plants and the natural landscape feels alternately fragile and resilient. 

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Contemporary Illustration

December 2018

People say that, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is never more true than in the world of illustrators. The definition of an illustration is “a picture or diagram that makes something clear or attractive.” The six artists represented in this exhibition demonstrate not only their technical skills in rendering worlds both real and imaginary, but also create dynamically different aesthetics through their chosen media.

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Kimberly Patino

May - June 2018

One River Larchmont is excited to showcase the photography of Kimberly Patino in the first in our "Community Conversation" exhibition series, which will showcase local emerging artists from the Westchester area. Kimberly's photography focuses on concepts of identity, body image and her role as a woman. She creates worlds which are reminiscent of brooding, Victorian landscapes where her female figures are in various situations juxtaposed with nature.

As a millennial surrounded by social media and celebrity news, I was having a difficult time accepting my body and kept thinking negatively about my appearance. In the hopes of trying to get out of this depressive state, I began to think of ways on how I can view myself in a positive light through the use of photography. I started creating images that expressed my emotions and/or thoughts that I was having until it dawned on me that I’m able to create a world of my own. These images showcase the different personalities and visions that are within me and where I can escape to feel empowered and safe.

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Amy Lincoln

February - April 2018

Amy Lincoln makes still life and landscape paintings that feature closely observed representations of specific plant species. She combines the plant imagery with elements of nature such as distant mountains, fluffy clouds, sun rays, glowing moons, and twinkling stars. The plants are colorful, densely patterned, and also a little monstrous. They reach from one end of the composition to the other, overlapping and revealing unnaturally vivid skies.

Amy Lincoln is a New York-based artist who makes carefully observed and imaginatively colored paintings of plants and the natural world. She has exhibited her work in New York at galleries such as Morgan Lehman and Regina Rex; at Pulse Miami Beach, and at Monya Rowe Gallery in Saint Augustine, FL where she had a solo exhibition in 2016. Lincoln moved to New York in 2006 upon receiving a Swing Space residency from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. She received an MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Davis. She has participated in the Inside Out Art Museum artist residency in Beijing as well as the Wave Hill Winter Work space in NYC. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, artist Kevin Curran, and their daughter Fiona.

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