Portfolio Development

$495.00 / month for 3 months

Saturday Starting 1/5/2019 – 2:15-5:15PM

The Portfolio Development Program at One River School is the most comprehensive and sophisticated approach for helping pre-college teens create a portfolio that expresses their individual artistic sensibility. We have refined our program over the course of the last five years and we have seen numerous students from our school achieve entry into prestigious art schools nationally.

The program consists of an intensive class that allows for a structured series of art projects that help to fulfill the requirements for a college portfolio presentation. Instructors provide specific and customized requirements from student’s selected schools to tailor the program to a multitude of formats. The course is offered as an intensive 15 week program annually in the fall and spring and a 2 week intensive camp in the summer. The course is appropriate for students in grades 10th through 12th.

Our instructors are all Masters level educators who have detailed hands on experience in helping to shape and guide a student’s artwork so that it demonstrates the most proficient form possible.  While revisiting the fundamentals of drawing and painting in the classical tradition, our curriculum also connects students to what is current and relevant in today’s art world providing a more compelling and interesting narrative to their personal portfolio. Instructors guide students from realization of their artwork to a final documentation that is portfolio ready. Class discussions and critiques help students learn to discuss their artwork and answer portfolio interview questions, preparing them in all areas of the college admissions process.

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Start Date: Saturday, January 05 2019

End Date: Saturday, March 23 2019

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